Summer 2012

More Mitt: More Bad Lip Reading

Asian Chugging Beer

Topless Activism (This YouTube video contains nudity. I don’t feel like I should mention this but it is completely legal in some places for women to be topless, just like men.)

To The Guy In My Closet

From The HBO Show “Newsroom”

A Voter’s Guide to Republicans

The Little Bro

Kate Upton Cat Daddy

Shit Frat Guys Say

Fresh Guacamole

How to calm a black crowd down

Making Coffee Like A Boss

Captain Planet, He’s Our Hero

Runway Model Fail Compilation

Super Modern Mario Bros

Agent Coulson is a Bad Ass

Fuck yo rap, nigga

Sometimes you’re just too lazy to turn the page

ABC’s With Retarded Animal Babies

Completely Honest OBGYN

What Nicknames Do You Give People In Your Phone?

Ten Bets You Will Never Lose

Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply

Skinny Bitches Need To Step Your Game Up

Tattoo Removal, Looks Painful

Dog vs. Skunk

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