Summary of Town Hall Presidential Debate

“Five point plan”
“It’s a one point plan”
“Keep taxes low”
“Ask the rich to pay more”
“You lie”
“No, you lie”
“I know business”
“You are sooooo rich”
“Gas prices are high”
“Because the economy is doing better”
“It’s your fault”
“It’s Bush’s fault”
“We can do better”
“We have done better”
“You lie”
“No, you lie”
MODERATOR: “You’re right, he lied! (sort of)!
“I care about poor people, women, Hispanics, and every undecided voter!”
“So do I, but I find it easier to feign sincerity”
“Vote for me, for the future… Five point plan”
“Voter for me, so we don’t return to the past”

Well, that’s 100 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Credit: The Volokh Conspiracy

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